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Supervisor : Rachel A. Perfetti Email the Supervisor at: Rperfetti townofgreenisland. Town Clerk : Julie A. Iannone Email the Clerk at: Jiannone townofgreenisland. Town Assessor: Bradley Canning brad.

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What does someone have to do to get a marriage license? A couple who intends to be married in New York State must apply together in person for a marriage license to any town or city clerk in the state. Each applicant must furnish two forms of identification when applying for a license. In the event one of the parties is a not a citizen of the United States, the following identification will be accepted: passport, Green card, USA Resident Alien Card, work permit or naturalization papers.

The application for a license must be signed both by the future bride and the groom in the presence of the Clerk. If both parties are eighteen 18 years of age or older, no written parental or judicial consent is required. Certified information regarding previous marriages must be furnished in the application for a marriage license.

This includes whether the former spouse or spouses are living, and whether the applicants are divorced and if so, when, where and against whom the divorce or divorces were granted. Only an original or certified copy of the Decree of Divorce for each divorce is accepted. Although the marriage license is issued immediately, the marriage ceremony may not occur within twenty-four 24 hours from the exact time that the license is issued and the document is then valid for sixty 60 days after the twenty-four hour waiting period. What do I need to license my dog?

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Speakers will include Thomas W. Russell , JD, CG. You will not want to miss this opportunity. Mark your calendars now. Registration will begin in the next month. The property shall be sold subject to all subsequent payments chargeable thereto under said assessment and subject to any other City assessment then a lien thereon, and the City Treasurer's declaration of sale shall each be conclusive evidence of the regularity of all proceedings prior thereto, including the sale.

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The intent of this article is to provide for a uniform system of billing, collection and enforcement of special assessments. Bills for special assessments shall be rendered on or before the first day of July for each year in which an annual installment is due and will be payable at the office of the City Treasurer on or before September 1. At the same time that he shall deliver the final property tax assessment roll to the Albany County Legislature, the Assessor shall also deliver to the Clerk of said County Legislature the special assessment roll referred to hereinabove.

Said special assessment roll shall be annexed to the warrant for the collection of property taxes for the next succeeding year. Upon the return of the warrant so issued by the County Legislature, the Treasurer shall include on the general property tax bill for each parcel in the City of Albany a separate listing containing the amount due for any special assessment included on the previous year's special assessment roll. The Assessor shall on or before November 1, , transmit to the Clerk of the Albany County Legislature a special assessment roll, which shall include all delinquent special assessments between and Said bills, if not paid on or before December 31, , shall be collected in accordance with Subsection E of this section.

This article shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval, recording and publication as provided by law. If a petition for permissive referendum shall be filed within 45 days after adoption of this article, then in that event if approved by the electorate this article shall become effective upon such approval; if no petition be filed within 45 days this article shall then take effect at the termination of the 45 days after its adoption.

Albany County Land Bank Overview

From and after the passage of this article it shall be unlawful for the Assessors in making assessments either for the purpose of taxation or for local improvements to recognize any subdivision of land except where each subdivision is bounded by a public street duly accepted by the City.

No street shall be accepted by the City until a map of the same shall be duly approved by the City Engineer and be filed in his office. The Treasurer of the City of Albany is hereby authorized and directed to sell at public auction, from time to time, as in his judgment he deems best, all the right, title and interest of the City in and to lands purchased by it at sales for the nonpayment of taxes, water rents and assessments.

All such lands shall be advertised for sale by said Treasurer in the manner required by law for the sale of the City's lands, and by him sold to the highest bidder, at the City Hall, in the City of Albany, upon such conditions and subject to such restrictions as may be prescribed by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment of the City of Albany; provided, however, that said Board shall have power to reject any bid which, in its opinion, is inadequate. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to establish and maintain a true record of all his transactions regarding said sales.

Albany County Probate Court - Albany Surrogate Court

All lands so sold shall be conveyed by a contract of sale conditioned that the purchaser shall pay all taxes, water rents and assessments that may be duly assessed or levied upon said premises for the period of five years following the date of such contract of sale, within 30 days after the same shall be assessed or levied and become due, and for the performance of such other conditions as may have been prescribed by said Board, and in the event of the nonfulfillment of any such purchaser of any of the conditions of said contract, such land so sold, with the improvements thereon, shall revert to and become the property of the City of Albany, and said Treasurer and Board of Estimate and Apportionment shall perform all necessary acts to retake possession of such lands.

The purchaser shall also be personally liable for the payment of such taxes, water rent and assessments. Any such purchaser or successor shall be entitled to receive a quit-claim deed, duly executed by the Mayor of the City of Albany, at the end of any such term of five years after the date of any such contract, upon the certificate of the City Treasurer that all taxes, water rents and assessments upon the lands described in such contract have been paid, and upon the certificate of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment that all the other conditions in said contract have been complied with; provided, however, that any such purchaser or successor may, with the consent of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, receive a quit-claim deed, duly executed by the Mayor, at any time after the contract of sale, upon filing with the City Treasurer a bond, with sufficient sureties, conditioned for the payment of all taxes, water rents and assessments for the period of five years from the date of the contract of sale, and for the performance of all other conditions in said contract contained.

The amount of such bond and the sufficiency of the sureties is to be approved by the Mayor and its form and manner of execution by the Corporation Counsel or his assistant.