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This How soon you are asked to take a child into your home will depend on the local need and your flexibility regarding the age, gender, and special needs of the children you are willing to foster.

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CPS Questions Background Checks Before Foster Child's Death

In general, there are four steps to getting approved: Locate an agency in your state. Find state foster care and adoption information on our website or contact us to be referred to your state agency: or info adoptuskids. Complete an application with the agency you have chosen to work with.

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  • Participating in pre-service training and obtaining a home study.
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This may take place concurrent with the next step, pre-service training. Attend training. These sessions, usually lasting between four and ten weeks, provide an opportunity to learn about children in care, meet other families, and prepare to integrate a child or children into your family. Complete a home study.

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All adoptive families, and some foster families, must complete a home study. Completing an application This is where the official paperwork begins and where you will meet the caseworker who will help you through the application process. To make the application process as smooth as possible: Be open and honest both on the application and in the personal interviews with your caseworker.

Supply the necessary information completely, accurately, and timely.

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  8. Agree to maintain confidentiality about children in care and their birth families. As part of completing an application, you will need to be prepared to provide or consent to: Letters of reference from your employer and those who know you. A criminal record check at local, state, and federal levels. Making a good match between the prospective child and the prospective family is a crucial part of success for you, the child, and everyone involved.

    When you first start out fostering, it's sometimes difficult to know what kind of child might be a good fit for you and your family. It helps to keep a list of questions you might want to ask the worker. Foster parents always have the option of declining a foster care placement. How much contact will I have with the child's family?

    Foster Care

    This varies greatly with each case. The foster care system, however, is designed to be a temporary solution until children can reunite with their family or if that's not possible, until there's a permanent home found for the child. To this end, it's important to have as much contact with the child's family and extended family as possible. Foster home licenses are issued for time periods up to two years.

    Before the end of the two year period, licensing workers return to homes to work with foster parents who must complete the required paper work for re-licensing. What are the responsibilities of a foster parent? How are foster parents compensated for the care of the child?

    Completing an application

    Rates of compensation are based upon the needs of children. Payments to foster parents are considered reimbursements for expenses to meet the needs of the children and are not considered income in most instances. What are the ages of children who are in need of care? Children in need of foster care placements in Missouri are between the ages of How long are children in foster care? Children may be in foster care for one day or longer.

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    The goal of foster care is to provide safe and nurturing homes for children while support and assistance is given to parents to make their homes safe places to which the children can return. The goal of the child welfare system is to provide safe and permanent homes for all children. While most children find that with their birth families, others are placed in adoptive, kinship, or guardianship homes.

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    Most children who are placed in foster care are successfully reunited with their families. What type of health care coverage is provided to children in care? All foster children are eligible for Medical Assistance. This covers medical, mental health, prescription, and drug care expenses as well as dental care. What are the goals of foster care?

    Who are the children placed in foster care?