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In the case of providers with both Lifeline and non-Lifeline offerings, but different options for each as opposed to the same options, but different costs , the Lifeline offerings have been put on a separate row with "[Lifeline]" in the "Company" field.

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Note that though the Lifeline program is a Federal one, each state is responsible for implementing its own version, so details beyond the basic requirements of the program can differ significantly from state to state starting with the set of provider companies available. As of this writing, Lifeline provider info has mostly only been filled in for California and Minnesota.

Most of the MVNOs in this table provide voice, text, and data services to mobile phones "Yes" in Phone Service column; note that this column does not indicate whether the provider sells phones — all providers offering phone service sell phones unless the "BYOD" column contains "Yes, BYOD-only". There are also MVNOs who provide only data service to mobile hotspot devices mobile broadband providers. Native Wi-Fi Calling refers to the ability of mobile phones on the service to seamlessly use Wi-Fi rather than the cellular network to connect normally dialed calls, when enabled.

It does not refer to the ability to use third-party programs to make calls over Wi-Fi networks, which is generally always supported on smartphones. IoT is " Internet of Things ", the extension of Internet connectivity in this case, cellular network—based into physical devices and everyday objects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sprint [5] [6]. Lifeline : CA [7].

Yes, but not officially supported [6]. No, plans capped at MB max. Verizon [8]. Personal [9]. Yes [10]. No [10] [11]. Yes, but no online compatibility-checker [8] [12]. No, plans capped at 10 GB max [11]. No [12]. No; also, no service in Alaska [12]. AAA members receive extra benefits.

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Personal [16]. Yes [14]. Yes, BYOD-only [14] [15]. No, "We have the right to slow down the speed of data browsing upon our own discretion at any time during your 5 or 30 day cycle. Yes, on Unlimited data plan only? Yes, unlimited int'l calling and texting on appropriate plans [15] [20] [21]. Terms of Services includes "Since you are on an Unlimited Plan, there will be no disputes about calls not connecting or dropped calls or any other reason to call customer service and complain. Sprint [22] [23].

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Yes [22] [24]. Yes [23]. No, plans capped at 15 GB max [25].

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Yes, on Unlimited plans [25]. No [26]. Yes, Calls to int'l s on Unlimited plans [25]. Yes [27] [29]. Yes, when not roaming off Sprint, but tethering speeds limited to kbps; after 50 GB data usage, tethering and video streaming limited to 2G speeds: kbps [28] [31]. Yes [28] [31]. Yes, but see Unlimited Fast Data column for speed throttling info [28] [31]. Yes, unlimited int'l talk and text from U. Yes [32] [33]. T-Mobile [37] [38]. Personal [36].

Yes [39]. No [37] [39]. Yes [37] [40].

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Yes, on Unlimited Data plan, though "Usage over 26GB of data in a month period may result in throttled speeds when in congested areas. Yes, on 4 GB Data plan [37].

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No [41]. Available to the general public. Gives a portion of its proceeds to veterans and first responders via a charity foundation. Sprint , [5] [6] T-Mobile [6]. Yes [6]. No, plans capped at 1 GB max. Assurance Wireless. Lifeline : CA, [7] MN. No [6].

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Yes [44] [45]. Yes [45]. Yes [44] [46]. No, plans capped at 10 GB max [46]. Yes, phone hotspot on Sprint only, for extra fee [46]. Yes, int'l calling from U. Yes [49] [50] [51]. Yes [49].

No [49] [52]. Formerly Boss Cellular. Personal [54]. Yes [53] [54]. No [55]. Yes, BYOD-only; no online compatibility-checker? No, plans capped at 6 GB max [55]. Yes, 2G speeds: kbps [55]. No [58].