Chemung county new york marriage record

April 16 At Rooms Baldwin St. Charles, son of Daniel D. Dalyrmple of Southport, Emma dau. Of Seth H. He aged 20, she They are to live at home of D. Dalrymple May 19 Franklin F. Bahmer Rev. Smith and Lillah S. DeWitt June 7 Sunday noon.

New York Marriage Records:

Andrews of N. City and Sara A. Tuthill June 26 H. Fayette Wilder and Mary J. He of Randolph N. Zoebisch and Mary A. Loomis and Eva A. Merrill, dau of Luke T. Swan and Abbie C. Parents and brothers and Sisters Dec 14 Geo. Andrus of Hammondton N. Dorr, Mr.

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Crowell of Pine Woods and Ella L. Holmes of Wellsboro, Pa Feb 17 W. Hudson St at Abner Whites house.

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Uri A. Kate Payne June 9 Jasper P. Easterbrooks Corning and Mary D. Bideler, Canton, Pa.

Morses, Junius R. Clark and Mary H. Morse Nov 4 Ed. Mosher and Effie R. Carpenter Nov 25 Thanksgiving. At East 2d St.

Chemung County NY Marriage Records

Newcomb and Fannie E. Hersey Mrs. Dec 27 Francis W. Agnel and Louise J.

New York African American Records

McClure Feb 14 At Mr. Chapmans William H. Moore, Portland, Oregon and Mary M. Ross of Ra. All hands witnesses, Mrs. Ross sister to Mrs.

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Chapman whose maiden name was Weatherby Feb 22 George H. Mallory of Walton, N. Emeline Marvin, Deposit, N. Goff of Southport March 25 At Grocery opp. Lost a leg works at Richardsons, and Emma C. Moss and Anna D. Moss Girls, sisters, Collingwoods and others July 19 Wm.

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McAtee and Emma Sayles. Wheaton and Frankie L. Bowman Sept 12 Chas. Stagg and Ella C.

Elmira Marriage License, NY

Many Wit. Ogden, Benj. See and Jane Pengelly Wit. Dearth, E. Dearth and others Oct 25 Lyman R. Coolbaugh of Wysox, Pa. Jessie A. McCaffery, dau. Aldrich of Elmira. Crane, N. Doxay, Jennie E.

Marsh, Carrie G. Marsh, Mary C. Sly of Chemung and Almina of Allen of Ra. Nov 15 In Church John A. Taynton and Frank E. Herbert H. Doxay and Gertrude LeFevre. Trout and Mary E. Ella Hacket Davis, G. Gardner and Jennie L. Fathers name E. Tong and Mary E. Waugh at her Mothers home 2d St. Tong of Horse Heads, her mothers name Mrs. Vaughn, both of Big Flats. Wheadon and F. Idella Youmans Wit. Mattie Chapman, Mr. Elm and Gray 9. William J. Richardson and Ida A. Nellie Taber, Frank W. Darrin, Matt K. Hotel no 3.

It Sprinkled, It Rained, and It Poured

Anthony D. Thompson of Owego and Susan C. Clinton St. Don L.