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Intelius reports cannot be used for background checks related to consumer credit, insurance, employment, housing or any other purpose prohibited under the FCRA. Find out more about the FCRA here. Zabasearch Premium Members get more search results faster than ever before. Plus, it's free if you're logged in.

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Watch video: Explore Careers at Sprout. Despite efforts to unseat it, Facebook is still the reigning social media network. As of the end of , it boasted over 2. Here are the important Facebook statistics for marketers to know in , categorized by topic and ready for you to use in your social media strategy. Get to know the demographics of the average Facebook user. Broken down into gender and age categories, Statista found that the highest concentration of Facebook users were ages 18— Start Your Free Trial.

As of January , the highest number is India at million users. The United States is a bit further behind at million users.

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YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat all surpass Facebook in usage and popularity. However, Facebook statistics show that usage popularity is plateauing. Instagram is the next fastest growing network. If you had limited funds for advertising, these three networks should be at the top of your list. That being said, your targeting data needs to take age into account. Both Snapchat and Instagram are more popular among those ages 18 to 24 than Twitter is.

This casts a wide net of people on one network, which is ideal for those with smaller budgets. In fact, half of them actually check Facebook several times a day. Understanding when your audience is on during the day helps you find the best times to post. You can find this engagement data through your Page Insights.

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  • An overwhelming majority of Facebook users have accessed the network via tablet or smartphone, according to Statista. How can you use these Facebook statistics to your advantage?

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    When creating content and designing ads, always make sure that the mobile preview is set up correctly. If not, then uncheck the ad placement option for mobile. When searching for content and news sources, social media and Google are at the top of the list for people. These stats indicate where marketers should place their most important information, such as company news and product releases.

    In the daily routine of an everyday user, social media use of time is only second to watching TV. In terms of social media, users spend an average of 35 minutes a day on the network. One login into Facebook may be for checking on friends while another could be for news.

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    In , Facebook released a report for Q1 that focused on the number of fake profiles on their platform. The fake account number has changed throughout the years. The crackdown in was likely in response to the high number created during the presidential election cycle. While a good number of fake accounts are removed at creation, some do continue to create spam and fake impressions. Knowing that Facebook makes most of it revenue from advertising means that you have a lot of competition out there in your ad placement. For more insight into how much it costs to advertise on Facebook, check out our handy guide.

    It could be an issue with the content or the targeting.

    see If the CPC is too high for you, consider other types of ads, such as paying instead for impressions. Of its myriad of advertising content, Facebook videos still leads some of the most engagement. Facebook video content includes both videos uploaded to the network and Live-streaming videos. Its viewership is up to 8 billion views a day. As someone who has surely seen enough Facebook videos, you know already how important the first few seconds are in grabbing your attention.

    What should you focus on instead? Aside from cinematography, using text overlays, bold words and captions all go a long way. NowThis and its media arms are well known for their news videos. The production is down to a science with identifiable branding and short text clips to get the point across.