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In addition to penalties imposed by the court following a DWI conviction, you may also be subject to additional penalties by the DMV.

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Specifically, your license may be revoked for a longer period of time if you have prior DWIs or other factors on your driving record. You will likely be eligible for a limited driving privilege of some kind for some or all of that year, depending on other factors in your case.

In that scenario, you may be eligible for a provisional reinstatement following a hearing with the DMV after two years. If you receive a second DWI conviction following a charge that occurs within seven years of a prior DWI conviction but outside of three years , then your license will be revoked for one year following the second conviction and you will not be eligible for a limited driving privilege during that one-year revocation period.

Q: Do you have to report DWI charges when applying to schools or jobs? A: When applying to college, an application may ask for information about arrests or criminal history. Disclaimer: This area of the law is quite complicated and this blog does not encompass every scenario involving these types of charges.

How much jail time will you serve for a DWI in North Carolina?

Jason D. This means a 20 year old who only had 1 sip of beer and blew a 0. If the underage driver is suspected of being impaired they will also be charged with DWI as well.

The "Driving after Consuming" charge only applies to those under age 21, and does not require any actual impairment due to alcohol. In fact any BAC above 0.

North Carolina Drunk Driving Laws & Penalties

Someone under age 21 can be charged with both DWI and driving after consuming if they were in fact impaired. Each charge for first time offenders is a misdemeanor with similar consequences despite DWI having its own special sentencing guidelines. Consequences for driving after consuming are substantially similar to a full blown DWI.

This includes license revocation for a period of 1 year just like a first offense of DWI. The legal limit for anyone in North Carolina is 0. The main difference for underage drivers is they can also be charged with driving after consuming if they have any alcohol in their system. This charge is separate and distinct from Driving While Impaired, yet results in similar consequences such as license revocation for 1 year.